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weight loss ticker!!!!

Monday, 11 January 2010

still going strong guys.....

i went to the gym sunday burnt 1000 kcals yay plus a total of 10,000 approx steps

and today i burnt off 703 on the wii fit plus yay and i walked approx 14,ooo steps today!

busy busy girl!!! think its a brill idea to put the cal counter on there at least you know roughly how ur doing! but i think i can see my self getting addicted to it!! trying to reach certain numbers suppose thats the point saves me sitting on my bum not doing nothing lol

got aqua areobics tomo evenign with my mate claire :) prob do the wii wednesday evening with the gym again on thursday the dreaded weigh day!!!

i,ve ordered my self one of those heart monitor watches as they seem good and be interesting how much we burn etc from just like walking round town or aqua areobics (its water resistant to 50 m)

i need to get to goal this year!!!!!!! not gonna waste any more months!

my mates wedding is in 19 weigh in times!!!!!! gulp!!!! soooo dont want to be a huge bridesmaid manage to get 37lbs off so far (dam gain)

so if i lost a 1lb per week thats 19lbs that would make me 13st 8lbs
if i lost 1.5lbs per week thats 28.5lbs that will make me 12st 13.5lbs
if i lost 2lbs per week thats 38lbs which will make me 12st 3.5lbs

so gonna aim for 1.5lbs a week would love to be 12 something, think last time i was that i was a 16/18 better then a 26 !!!!

gonna do a count down now!! so my first aim is 1.5lbs this thursday !!!!


  1. Wow, you're really kicking some ass girl! go you. lol
    I got a heart rate monitor for Christmas and I like to see how many calories I've managed to work off.
    You shouldn't be dreading your WI day this week, be excited, you've been doing great x

  2. You're working so hard you put me to shame! Keep it up, and good luck with getting it off for the wediing.

  3. aww thank u guys!!! got to be other wise i,ll be 5 times the size and we dont want that now!!