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weight loss ticker!!!!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

i did it i weighed in

was soo scared but i knew i had to do it other wise it would be more the following week!!!

so here it is....

.................................9.5lbs on!!!!! making me 15st 0lbs :(

oh well i enojyed xmas but i knew i went over the top and i made my self ill eating all that crap!!

but back on track and back at the gym :)

burned a whopping 1000 kcals today yay and had a sneaky peak and it said 14st 11 so thats 3 lbs gone another 6.5lbs to go! only 4 more days to go would like to get at least half of it off this week!! so loads of gym work for me!!!!

hope ur all well and all warm!



  1. Great job getting back on track!

  2. Well done getting back on the weight loss wagon! It's not easy! I really need to get back exercising! I've become a hermit these days!

  3. i know it is hard!! but i think the hardest bit is going back once your back its fine lol!!

    thank u guys


  4. Wow what a great start back! Fingers crossed for your next weigh in.

    Kim xx

  5. What a fantastic start Kerry. Well done x