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weight loss ticker!!!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

heellloooo i,m coming back guys!!!

cant believe how quick this year has gone!!!

pregannacy went ok ish lol had a few stays in hospitls as has severe headache!!! had to have a lumberpuncture done oouucchhhhh after the 12th attempt they got it in i could have done better my self and a mri scan and all results showed nothing so they put the headaches down to preg hormones

lil man was late he arrived 18th sept at 40weeks 4 days weighing at 9lbs 9oz all natural only had gas and air!! even though i begged for drugs i,m glad i got to experience it all the labour only lasted 5.5hrs and a hour of that was at home so it was rather quick compared to my 36 hrs ith erin
i,m joining weightwatchers this thursday so only 2 days to go i,m glad to be going back i gained 2 st during pregnancy but manage to lose it all in 10days of giving birth :) but i,ve put on a few pound i,m still a stone heavier from where i origionally was due to xmas but at least i,m not starting from my heaviest!!

hope ur all ok and hope u enjoy my blog :)


  1. Congratulations on your lil man! I personally think you're crazy for doing it the natural way but full respect to you!!! Quite strange how one took ages and the other in next time at all. If you're gonna do it naturally then at least it was the 5 hour one and not the 36 hour one! LOL.

    Good luck with weight watchers! Keep us updated :)

  2. Hiya, this is QuietInnocence from the boards.

    A MASSIVE congrats on the lil' man! I have PCOS too, only 23 and was diagnosed on my 23rd birthday! Keep us up to date with WW! Some changes coming soon that you'll LOVE!

    Laura xx

  3. Congratulations Kerry! Great to see you back. Have a great first week x