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weight loss ticker!!!!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

glad thats over with..

... well i knew it was a gain so i wasnt too bothered by the amount as i know i,m back on this journey and it will soon disaper (cant spell lol) so its a 13lb gain which aint bad as i gained 2-2.5st during pregnancy so i,m happy so i,m back to 15 st 7!!
i did have a sneaky peak this morning! dont judge we all do it lol and it said 14st 4.5

i,m busy watching x factor and thinking OMG!!! what the hell wagner get off the stage i mean who is voting for him lol


  1. Can't believe Wagner is still in it. He's not a good singer and he's not even enjoyable to watch either. He's probably a nice person but he's been in it too long now. I think he'll go tomorrrow.

  2. That's not too bad. Good luck on your journey :-)

    I've got X-factor on record, I'm still two week behind, think I need to schedule in time to watch it!