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weight loss ticker!!!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

oh dear had a sneaky peak!!

why god why do we do this we either get too excited or really depressed!!!!

well mine says a 5lb loss so far and still got 2 days to go! eekkkk and i know the scales read the same as ww ones i would love a 5lb loss in my first week kick start the weight loss nicely.

havent really done much this week got swimming tommo so cant wait for that
oh my phone has either died or the charger has so waiting for a new one to come in the post, i feel soo lost with out my phone i,m using a really old one at the mo lol its 5years old and very basic! doh

oh well off to bed for me night all


  1. Kerry, I assume it's the same one because I went with a Mike, Steve and Gus. I know that Mike has a sister, so I guess that's you so hello! :)

    It is indeed a small world. Out of all the millions of people in blogger world , it's funny that a) we're both from Southampton and b) we both know the same person.

  2. haha def small world so hello back so u actually go to a class or u doing it online or just doing the weight loss of ur own back!

  3. Just doing it all on my own. Not had any advice on anything really, so just using the blogs to report what i'm up to and seeing what works for others :)

  4. thats cool good for you see i need to pay some one to tell me my weight other wise i,ll self sabotage and notdo it! well its def working for ya! i got my dreaded weigh in tommo so see what they say "please be nice lol"