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weight loss ticker!!!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

its only 4pp!!!! very yummy!!!!!
and skips prawn cocktail flavour are only 2pp :)
i havent been doing too badly with pp i dont think anyway lol.
friday i only had 29 out of 32
saturday i had 32 out of 32 plus 5 of my wekkly extra
sunday had 31 our of 32
think it will take a me a good month to get use to what i can eat and not eat and what pp are what and how my body acts if i eat all of the weekly pts! many people are geting mixed feelings about this propoints thing some people are gaining some a losing big and some are losing lil!! so be interesting to see how i do!!! but i do have my aunt flow which sucks!! :(


  1. I LOVE Skips prawn cocktail crisps. I could easily eat about 500 packets a day. I will never get bored of letting the crisps disolve on my tongue LOL :)

  2. i know they are soo yummy!! and wotsits i could eat hundreds of them also