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Friday, 12 November 2010

woop woop weigh in

i was still on the original points!
i wasnt expecting anyting as i had such a great loss last week but i stepped on the scales and i lost 2lbs!!! sooooo pleased with that , thats 8lbs in 2 weeks and 37.5lbs in total!
we had our propoints meeting thursday and i was nervous about it all but it makes sense really, and actually looked forward to friday and working out how i was gonna do this.
well today is friday and i,m stuffed as a pig!!! and still got 3 pp left i cant eat any more i had:

i was naughty had no breakfast very busy

lunch: 2 ww bread, chicken slices, salad. 1 orange. a yoghurt. ww crisps all for 9pp

dinner: 150g pasta. salad. veg. 5 chicken dippers all for 9pp

evenin snacks: 2 jumbo snack a jacks. asda baked bar. 1 pink and white. 1 orange. dimebar.

3 remain!!

well lets see how the weekend goes

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