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weight loss ticker!!!!

Friday, 5 November 2010

1st weigh in woop

wow as u can tell by the lovely picture some how i manage to lose 6lbs this week. i,m soo please its a great start back into my weight loss journey!! just got to keep up with the drinking 2ltrs of water. i have now lost 35.5lbs and i got my silver 7 woop woop! before this loss i needed 20.5lbs to my 50lbs and now its only 14.5 and all i keep thinking is can i lose that by xmas or am i giving myself a too big of a challenge!!???? i have 7 weeks you know what i,m gonna go for it ! might help me to push my self the extra mile!
feeling really positive today just hope it keeps up!

new plan i,m looking forward to it!! just to see how its all gonna work out my leader said they have been doing this pro points for a year! wow and noone knew not even the leaders lol just got this image of a secret clan going to a hidden cave lol so obviously ww have researched this throughly and tested it so it has to work otherwise they wouldnt be doing this!

heres to another good productive week :)


  1. Wow that's great! Well done!!

    Just out of interest, since drinking the 2ltrs of water a day, how has this helped you to lose weight? Do you find that you're generally feel less hungry and less likely to eat apart from on your actual meals times?

    Maybe it's something I need to do! :)

  2. Well done hun! That is a great loss. I tend to drink 2-3 litres of water during the day and I find it does really help. I have been on the new plan for a couple of week and I am LOVING it! It is much more life friendly lol! I think you will really get on with it! Good luck this week!

    Laura xx

    P.S. Your stone by Christmas is achievable, as long as you are REALLY good and don't go all out at Christmas

  3. aww thanks laura yeah will try and be good but wont beat my self up if i dont acheive it!! cant wait for new plan :~)

    tim water helps flush the stuff out ur body and keeps everything moving and working so it functions better so u will generally lose a lil bit more plus it helps fill u up!

  4. Cool! I'm gonna give it a go :)