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weight loss ticker!!!!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

looks like ww has finally gone down

was expecting this!! just wish it hurrys up and update i,m eager to see the new site what what interesting things they have put in!!!

a bit too much info but i have finally gone for a number 2 after 3 longgggg days might have a sneaky peak tommo ad see if its helped at all as today it read 15st 1.3/4lbs see if i can dip into the 14's would be nice! would love to lose 2lbs this week but having such a big loss last week u tend not to do soo well the 2nd week!

my poor lil baby boy is buuunngggeeddd to the eyeballs he is snorting with every breathe :( so will speak to the health visitor tomo right off to bed i go!!!

night night all

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